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Company Focus - PURE POJO™ Persistence  

THOUGHT Inc.® is focused on delivering the most effective and simple to use and learn solution for managing data persistence with a key focus on PURE POJO™. The patented CocoBase Dynamic Mapping architecture and technology provides the most comprhensive and advanced solution for persisting data available providing industry leading performance that is 2 - 3 times faster than stand-alone JDBC using the same calls, ability to edit SQL for all CRUD operation, most comprehensive Dynamic Querying solutions, Smart Case-Tool wizard called the Magic Mapper that auto-maps all your tables and objects in just a few steps, Project Management capapbilities for saving maps and persistence information, integrations with SPRING and Eclipse, etc..

Thought Inc. innovated the concept of a mapping layer for saving the object and table information that greatly simplifies the task of persisting data. The Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping layer makes it possible to keep the database info in a map and not in the plain old Java object allowing the POJO to remain unchanged and pure. This means no bytecode or extension or annotation is needed either at design or runtime to the POJO in order to persist the data.

CocoBase® PURE POJO™ completely resolves the dilemma of being locked into a persistence tool & framework that can evolve rapidly adopting every new persistence API creating an enormous amount of work just to keep applications updated. Since CocoBase® PURE POJO™ does not alter the plain old Java objects, they can still be easily used no matter the vendor tool or persistence API used.  CocoBase® is committed to the freedom of the Java platform goal to write once, use everywhere for data persistence.

Year Introduced:

The CocoBase tool was the first 100% Java Object to Relational Mapping tool made available in January of 1997. It has been in use for almost a decade allowing it to become one of the most trusted and mature technologies for persisting data available.


Dynamic O/R Mapping™ - dynamically maps and manages data in applications between the object and the relational database utiitizing PURE POJO™ Persistence.




PURE POJO™ Persistence

Company History  

THOUGHT Inc.'s founders lauded the advent of Java as a new and welcome beginning in programming paradigms. With many years of key industry experience a key technology for persisting data that could easily maage, we have crafted products that put the power of java, and all its potential in the hands of the developer. The beauty of CocoBase stems from the simplicity and yet the sophistication of its design.

The company started in the spring of 1993 focused on delivering Object Oriented Solutions to large corporate customers. Soon thereafter, the engineers at Sun Microsystems creating Java, persuaded the founders to look at this new programming language. The Java programming language provided a perfect platform to deliver mapping technology that had been worked on for years by the Thought Inc. founding technologist.

In early April of 1997, the first product "CocoBase Enterprise O/R" was delivered. Over the years different companies have licensed the technology such as Sun Microsystems. With different licensing deals, direct customers and other users it is estimated that at least 100,000 copies of CocoBase have shipped making it one of the most successful Java tools in the industry.