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partner program  
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THOUGHT Inc. is the market leader for PURE POJO Persistence Optimized for the J2EE and J2SE platforms. We understand that it takes more than great products to successfully sell and build powerful computing solutions. Members of the THOUGHT Inc. partner program provide complimentary technology and expertise for end customers to build solutions that include high-performance systems, flexible communication infrastructures, robust development tools and turnkey corporate applications.

As a member, we work together to develop and expand innovative new markets for true enterprise computing. We know from years of experience that fancy awards and accolades don't deliver solutions to customers. THOUGHT Inc. is proud to be the leader in Enterprise Database Access Computing based on:

1) Technology Partnerships where major corporations are promoting our solutions as complementary to their technology, and

2) Customer Sales through our Partners.

3) OEM relationships where other companies have added our technology into theirs,

  Program Details  


Channel Partners
.....This program is designed to provide the necessary elements to successfully implement a close relationship that creates sales based on your specific needs. The programs are Affiliate, Distributor, Consultant, Reseller "Silver," Reseller "Gold," and OEM Licensee.

Key Technology Partner Program
.....This program is designed for related companies that by working together we can achieve and deliver superior enterprise solutions.


Technology Partners