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  Licensing CocoBase Technology  

THOUGHT Inc. makes available the OEM LIcensing of the CocoBase tool and technology to tool vendors, application vendors, consulting groups, etc. The CocoBase tool is based on a modular architecture that makes it possible to tailor an OEM to fit the specific needs of the licensee. The patents protecting CocoBase also protect the OEM of the tool and/or technology.

In the past, vendors such as Sun Microsystems and others have licensed the CocoBase technology. THOUGHT Inc. is has identified these primary areas for OEM license agreements and is available to other options as well;

J2EE Application Servers.

CocoBase's ability to map and generate complex, coarse grained CMP / BMP Entity beans that are EJB 2.0 ready. This is an easy way to extend features and fucntionality for the application server customer.

UML XMI Modeling Tools -

CocoBase's ability to import an UML object model via XMI enables developers to quickly and easily add in persistence to their application.

Java Development Environments -

CocoBase can map simple to complex relationships, and then generate the chosen persistence component, such as CMP/BMP Entity beans, Session Beans, JSPs, and Java classes. This gives the IDE vendor an extensive array of ways for developers to managed their data.

Application Vendors -

CocoBase can be used as the underlying persistence framework for the application. This is especially valuable for applications that will need to integrate with a customers existing infrastructure, such as relational database, application server, etc. The integrations can be made quickly and easily that does not require the application to be reworked, recompiled and deployed.


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