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"Drove down development costs by two thirds over a traditional JDBC approach"

Jeff Poste, CTO, PreferSoft, Inc.




E-commerce System Design.

Business Challenge
Develop an e-software solution for our business clients once, for many different deployment environments.


Used CocoBase Enterprise O/R and its' API to address the data abstraction layer of Prefersoft's "ecOrders", allowing them to deploy to different architectures, map to different drivers, databases, and architectures.

"Great time saver. Greatly enhanced productivity," said Jeff Poste CTO at PreferSoft.


Built "ecOrders" N-Tier Servlet Framework system using CocoBase Enterprise O/R which provides a straightforward, consistent, logical, and easy to use mechanism to map Java to any relational database.

Concrete Results

"Drove down development costs by two thirds over a traditional JDBC approach" Jeff Poste, CTO, PreferSoft, Inc. "CocoBase Enterprise O/R is much more productive and time saving for individual programmers than programming using JDBC."

Cut data abstraction layer programming by two thirds.

Saved rewriting indeterminate amounts of new code for different deployment environments.

Much easier to create new objects from existing database structures.

Software Tools / Technology Used

O/R Mapping Tool:

CocoBase Enterprise O/R, THOUGHT Inc.

Application Server:
JRun 3.0 Professional Application Server and Servlet Engine, Allaire

Oracle 8.1.6 RDBMS and above, Oracle Corporation.

JBuilder from Borland Inc., Oracle JDeveloper from Oracle Corporation.

Modeling Tool:
Together/J from TogetherSoft Corporation.

Other Tools:
JAYDOH Servlet and JSP Web Application Framework, Servidium Inc.
Source Guard, 4th Pass Inc.
EnterpriseSoft Report Writer (ERW), Actuate Inc.
Microsoft IE, or Netscape Browsers.


PreferSoft are developers of "ecOrders", an eBusiness framework for vendors who wish to either sell products or services on the Internet.

"We didn't know what system components the end customer might mandate", admitted Jeff Poste. CTO at PreferSoft.

Following an exhaustive evaluation of Servlets, Java Server Pages, Applets, Applications, N-Tier, CORBA, RMI, EJB Relational DBMS and Object DBMS, developers at PreferSoft created a versatile, flexible and easy to maintain eBusiness framework around CocoBase Enterprise O/R Mapping Solution.

Their software solution is built around a Java servlet framework (JAYDOH: Servidium Inc.), CocoBase Enterprise O/R (object / relational data abstraction layer) accesses an Oracle database as the data store. The user interface to the system is a thin client. Browser accessible, the system software is designed to be hosted either by the vendor or through a third party application service provider. It may be hosted on any machine that supports Java 1.2, JRun 3.0, Oracle 8.1.6. and any web server supported by JRun 3.0 (basically all major web servers).

System Set-up
Requests are received from a client-based web browser to the web server where it is handed off to ecOrders and configured as a web application in JRun3.0. The Jaydoh framework invokes the appropriate servlet code to handle the request. If the request is one that addresses the data store then Cocobase services the request to the data store.

JDBC is not used in the application. Cocobase Enterprise O/R completely replaces the need for JDBC to be used in the application.

Company Information
PreferSoft Inc. is a leading developer of Web-native business commerce and customer care software. Their product line, eControl Suite TM , enables companies to automate and expand their on-line eBusiness operations quickly and inexpensively.

PreferSoft's applications are built from the ground up to be hosted on the Internet and can be immediately installed, configured, and scaled by users without requiring hard coded customization and specialized IT support. PreferSoft has sales and marketing headquarters in Scotts Valley, California, with corporate offices and R&D facilities in Calgary, Alberta. For more information on how PreferSoft Inc. is becoming the smart choice for smart eBusiness, visit, or phone 1-888-442-4636