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"Optimizing our EJB development with the use of CocoBase Enterprise O/R has increased our productivity by a factor of 10."

Andy Artler, Senior Software Engineer, Best.Foods, Inc.




Food - Supply Chain Management System

Business Challenge
How to overcome the object to relational paradigm mismatch between application server and database. To find an alternative to the costly and sometimes ineffective hand coding of objects.


Establishing a dynamic O/R layer on top of the JDBC driver to optimize development using CocoBase Enterprise O/R.


CocoBase Enterprise O/R has allowed us to keep in step with the emerging needs of a $27 billion dollar food supply chain management requirements. It has not only increased our search, retrieval and persistence capabilities with its powerful, O/R mapping but strengthened our supplier relationships worldwide as a direct result
this system's impressive functionality.

Flexible, Efficient and Easy to Use
Following a recent merger with one of the largest worldwide food suppliers, Unlilever, Best Foods challenged themselves to improve extend their supply chain management system to allow their worldwide field representatives to access, search and expedite product distribution.

With eight in-house engineers and substantially more virtual engineers worldwide, EJB search and persistence needed to address the field representative's requirements for a fast, flexible easy to use system. CocoBase's ability to generate EJBs on the fly with extensive client side querying features easily met the needed use requirements of users. Hard coding EJB's no longer met these needs.

"Optimizing our EJB development with the use of CocoBase Enterprise O/R
has increased our productivity by a factor of 10. Now that we are deployed, we expect to continue to reap the benefits. Maintenance will be incredibly easy!"

Andy Artler, Senior Software Engineer
Best Foods, Inc.

Software Tools / Technology Used

O/R Mapping Tool:

CocoBase Enterprise O/R, THOUGHT Inc.

Application Server:
Gemstone Application Server, Brokat Inc.

JBuilder from Borland Inc.


Modeling Tool:

Company Information
The Bestfoods Baking Company is one of the leading premium fresh baked goods companies in the United States. Its best-known brands are Entenmann's sweet baked goods, Thomas' English muffins, bagels and waffles and Oroweat, Brownberry and Arnold breads.

Bestfoods Baking Company operates as a stand-alone operation. It is headquartered in Bay Shore, New York, employing some 12,000 people at 19 plants across the US. It has one of the country's largest and most efficient direct-store-delivery systems, distributing fresh bakery products to more than 60,000 customers on almost 5,000 delivery routes. In 2000, Bestfoods Baking Company had sales of US$1.8 billion, EBITDA of US$203 million and EBIT of US$141 million.