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"CocoBase® greatly simplified the task of managing data in the application..."

Bruce Weiner, CTO
UAL Loyalty Services
United Airlines


Customer Success Stories

S2 Systems - OpeN/2 Enterprise Payment Solutions
(click here to view)
(CocoBase, JSPs, Weblogic, Leading Relational Databases)
S2 Systems Uses CocoBase® Enterprise O/R to Drive OpeN/2® Support for Any Leading Relational Database.

UAL Loyalty Services,
United Airlines.
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(CocoBase and Eclipse IDE)
United Airlines Uses CocoBase® Enterprise O/R To Deliver Web-Based Silver Wings Plus Loyalty Program...with CocoBase® Dyanmic Transparent Persistence (tm).

Harte Hanks (click here to view)
(CocoBase and Weblogic Server - EJB Development)
Created flexible Database Access Layer for their CRM system simplifying customer setup and requiring no changes to the application.

TRW (click here to view)
CocoBase and EA Server - EJB and Java persistence development.
Using CocoBase, we transformed a complex 2-tier architecture to a complex 3-tier architecture with special emphasis on a fully supported middle tier using EJB. (click here to view)
CocoBase and Tomcat / Apache Server - Import UML Object Model, JSPs, Java persistence. went from Complex Abstract Object Model to Concrete Java Application instantly with CocoBase® Enterprise O/R.

Best Foods (click here to view)
CocoBase and Gemstone - EJB development.
Engineered a Supply Chain Management System enabling Field Representatives world wide to access up to date information.

Prefersoft (click here to view)
CocoBase and JRun - JSP development.
Developed an e-software solution for their business clients once that they could use for many different deployment environments.

Customer Quotes

"We found CocoBase® to be an excellent choice for managing the data in our OpeN/2 enterprise payment solution.said Russell Alexander, Senior Software Engineer, S2 Systems Inc."

"Leveraging CocoBase Enterprise O/R saved us significant time and money! CocoBase is very powerful and backed by superior technical support. The technical support is the best I have ever encountered." said Rob Sakmyster, Senior Software Engineer, Program Technical Lead, TRW Inc.

"Optimizing our EJB development with the use of CocoBase Enterprise O/R has increased our productivity by a factor of 10. Now that we are deployed, we expect to continue to reap the benefits. Maintenance will be incredibly easy!" said Andy Artler, Senior Software Engineer, Best Foods, Inc.

"Drove down development costs by two thirds over a traditional JDBC approach" Jeff Poste, CTO, Prefersoft, Inc. "CocoBase Enterprise O/R is much more productive and time saving for individual programmers than programming using JDBC."

"I give CocoBase a 10 from a scale of 1 to 10 compared to other O/R tools on the market, "It's the best O/R Tool that provides an isolated mapping layer between you and the database and also is a great code generator!" said Dave Lucas, Lead Software Architect for Longaberger.

"CocoBase comes as close as I think may be possible to delivering the Java promise of Write Once - Run Everywhere for database access. Since CocoBase provides a portable architecture for both EJB Servers and Databases, I could build the application on a lightweight prototype EJB Server and port to Gemstone when we were ready," said Sean Michaels, System Architect, Interadnet.


Customer Highlights

Air Force, United States
ALI Technologies
American Red Cross
AMM Inc.
Allied Signal
Ascertech AG
Automated Outsourcing Services
BarterTrust Inc.
Bell Atlantic
Bell South
Bell South Professional
Best Foods
Bertelsmann Media Systems AG
Bristol Meyers Squib
Boost My Score, Inc.
Burnt Sand Inc.
C Text
California Institute of Technology
Capital C AB
Cash-Tech Solutions
CDG Systems
Centers for Disease Control
CISCO Systems Inc.
Commission Junction
Commerce One
Commerce Flow
Core Commerce
Core Data Systems
CorPay Systems
Cox Enterprises
Creek Path Systems
Cysive Inc.
Destiny Web Solutions
Deutsche Bank
eBusiness Desing
eFinance Inc.
Eli Lilly and Company
Expeditors Int'l of Washington
Exscribe Inc.
Fix Connect
FJA Feilmeier & Junker
Fly Technology
Gamers Extreme
Garden City Group
Gennaissance Pharmaceuticals
Global Medic Inc.
GTE Labs
Gordon Food Service
Granherme LTD, UK
Harte Hanks
HBO Home Box Office Inc.
HCL Perot Systems
IBM Global Services
ICON Medialab
Instill Corp.
IPC Corp.
Isis Pharmaceutical
Innovation Tech
ITG Internet Technologies
JB Hunt
jCatalog Software AG
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jones Day Reavis Pogue
Kansas Departtment on Aging
Kent School District
Los Alamos National Labs
Macadamian Technologies
Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Maranti Networks
March First, Inc.
Medstat Group Inc.
MetaPack, Inc.
Mitre Corp
Momentum Employee Benefits
Momentum Software
Nations Tax Online
NCS Pearson
Next Linx Corp.
Nortel Networks
Ohio State Teachers Retirement
OPM Office of Personnel Mngnt
Owens and Minor, Inc.
Paycom Billing Services
PDX Inc.
Perot Systems
Potomac Research Inc.
Portland General Electric
Prelude Inc.
Primavera, Inc.
PrintCafe, Inc.
Protegere Enterprises
United Airlines
United Loyalty Services
Ranch Networks
Red Sky Interactive
Revauto, Inc.
S2 Systems Inc.
SAIC Corp.
Siemens AG
Sonus Networks
State of Maine, Human Resources
StillWater Mining
St.Jude Medical
Stantec Consulting
Sybase Inc.
Sun Microsystems
Texas Teacher Retirement System
Telstra Corp.
TimeWare Inc.
TRC Inc.
TRW Inc.
Tyco Intl
United Airlines
United Loyalty Service
Visa International, Inc.
VSE Group
Westfield Insurace
WestLB Panmure
Wibeag AG
Xepa Solutions
Z Land Inc.