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features overview
> pure pojo - ejb3
> magic mapper
> high performance
> o/r mapping
> querying solutions
> cocobase is free
> eclipse, spring
> technical spec's
> whitepapers

  tech support

technical support  


"CocoBase is very powerful and backed by superior technical support...the best I have ever encountered."

Rob Sakmyster, Senior Software Engineer
Program Technical Lead, Northrup Grumman Inc.



Thought Inc. provides users with detailed technical assistance, answers to your questions, and assists in managing the success of your projects. We pride ourselves on excellent customer oriented technical support and services.

Please make use of our Online CocoBase Technical Forum. This is available to ask your questions as well as search previously posted questions. As time permits, we will be adding faq's to create an online knowledge base. We are very committed to supporting the success of the each and every developer!

"Technical Support"

Thought Inc. offers free technical support for users during their evaluation phase (first 30 days of evaluation). We also offer technical support to customers who have purchased a support contract, thereafter.

CocoBase Tech Forum (
You may use the forum to post your questions and search other posts to answer your questions as well.

Technical Support Email Address:

"OnLine Product Download & Documentation Site"

To access you will need URL, User Name and Password obtained by requesting CocoBase Enterprise O/R (click here to request). ** Please note that the User Name and Password changes from time to time. If the user/password expires simply fill out the request form again and it will be emailed to you.

Contents of Download Site
- Retrieve downloadable CocoBase software,
- Technical Support,
- On-Line documentation in PDF form,
- Release notes,
- Example sets,
- Tech Forum,
- Other tool integrations info,
- Technical Bulletins,
- Software updates.

Proceed to OnLine Support Site (password req.)