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Enterprise-Level Suite of Services

THOUGHT Inc. ® provides a whole set of services with CocoBase® PURE POJO™, the leading Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping tool, that strongly supports the engineering team from beginning to end. Combine these services with the "Quick & Easy" nature of CocoBase®, which enables developers to cut the cost of database access development by up to 85%, and you have an extremely compelling package for corporate IT departments.

Companies such as United Airlines, TRW, Harte-Hanks, etc. have all successfully benefited from the complete package of tools and support that is offered. In fact, many times the reason the company chose CocoBase was a direct result of the overall experience and services offered with the leading O/R Mapping tool.

Available Services

Project Mentoring
Product Training
Technical Support
Sales Support
Online Demo's
Product Documentation
Technological Innovation

Highly Experienced Project Mentoring Program

The CocoBase Mentorship Program is designed to bring the decades of expert understanding of persisting data at the enterprise level with the myriad of complexities and requirements directly to a project team. It is designed with three 2-day on-site visits. The CocoBase engineering team works prior to each visit to prepare assistance and recommendations. There is a strong follow-up to each visit to assist in ensuring the understanding and success at following any guidance given occurs.

The first session is focused on "Architecture of the Application." Our team brings an in-depth understanding of the middle tier and the whole Java platform as it relates to Data Persistence. Our customers find this to be incredibly helpful in designing their application including obtaining the understanding of the pro's and con's of the chosen approach. We have found this to be very important for customers in writing successful applications considering the complexities and requirements at the enterprise-level.

The second session is focused on "Problem Solving and Responding To Changes In The Business Requirements." As routinely happens in the process of writing an application, about midway through, the project team encounters unexpected problems as well as updates / changes to their business requirement. Our engineering team helps to focus the team on finding solution to any problems as well as finding flexible methods for responding to any changes in the application requirements.

The third session is focused on "Performance Tuning and Deployment Issues." This session is typically done close to the end of a project. Our engineering team has an extraordinary level of understanding in fine tuning CocoBase and the application to achieve the desired level of performance and scaling. CocoBase is designed in a manner so that there are a number of different ways to increase performance.

The Mentoring is done onsite at the customers' office thus keeping employee travel costs down.

For more information please contact Thought Inc. at (415) 836-9199 and speak with a salesperson.

Comprehensive Product Training

The comprehensive training program created for developers lasts for two full days. The training covers topics from using the CocoBase Admin tool to covering the different methods for providing persistence in your application.

The training course is offered for up to 10 people. This is done on-site at the customers' office thus keeping employee travel costs down.

To see an example agenda and description of what is covered in the typical training please click here >>

For more information please contact Thought Inc. at (415) 836-9199 and speak with a salesperson.

Rapid Response Technical Support

Thought Inc. provides Email Technical Support to customers and those evaluating CocoBase. Every effort is made to respond to each request within a few hours. Requests with more complex problems are assigned to engineering for review and a response is made as soon as possible. While each technical support request must originate in the form of email, sometimes a phone response is most appropriate and this is provided as well.

Details: Users can obtain support from both the online technical forum located at and by email to

Strong and Effective Sales Support

Thought Inc. is committed to providing prompt and resourceful salespeople and sales engineers. They make every effort to assist the customer in whatever support is needed to close the sale and afterwards as the customer representative that coordinates responding to the any questions and requests.

Details: Please call U.S. (415)836-9199 and ask for a salesperson.

Online Demonstrations

Salespeople and Sales Engineers are available to provide online product seminars and demonstrations. We find this to be a very valuable tool in assisting the customer with understanding the use and value of CocoBase for their projects.

Details: Please call U.S. (415)836-9199 and ask for a salesperson.

Exhaustive Product Documentation

The engineering team at Thought Inc. provides a complete and thorough set of documentation for developers using CocoBase. Everything from a beginning and advanced Quick Start Guide to an extensive Programmers Guide is available.

Details: Available online - to obtain please request to download CocoBase and an email will be sent to you with url, username and password.

High Level of Continuing Technological Innovation

The modular and open (nonproprietary) CocoBase architecture is structured in a way so that continuing innovation and adaptation to the evolving J2SE and J2EE platforms is possible. This insures developers that new solutions and improvements to existing infrastructures and new standards are available.

Details: Major releases occur about once a year and minor release occur as development warrants.