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certified compliant jpa & pojo persistence  

Certified Compliant JPA Support

Press Release : V5.2 Available With JPA Certified Compliance
HOT First JPA Certification Completed Of Commercial Vendor CocoBase With Advanced Mapping Workbench For Amazing Ease Of Use

Tech Paper: Best Choice JPA Tool For The Enterprise
CocoBase® Wins "Best Choice ORM Tool" For Building JPA Persistence Standard Based Development Of Enterprise Applications.

Tech Paper: Enterprise Feature Requirements
CocoBase® Is Only JPA Tool To Provide Full Range Of Enterprise Features.

THOUGHT Diligently Confirms CocoBase’s JPA Support Is Complete and Fully Tested for the Major Commercial & Open Source Relational Databases Such as HSQLDB, IBM DB2, JavaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Sybase Enterprise.

CocoBase version 5.2 includes a FULL & Certified Compliant implementation of the Java Persistence Architecture APIs, or simply JPA, which is part of the Enterprise Java Beans specification (JSR-220 FR) version 3. JPA is the specification of the Java API for the management of persistence and object to relational mapping within Java EE (enterprise edition) and Java SE (standard edition). Which means JPA applications are no longer restricted to EJBs running within a Java EE container, but can also be executed as regular standalone or rich client Java applications. The complete specification can be found at:

CocoBase® has brought amazing ease of use to developers using JPA for enterprise development.  This has created clear productivity gains which directly help development organizations meet budgets and exceed scheduling deadlines.  The key to this accomplishment is being the only JPA Provider with a full suite of development and management workbench user interfaces that rapidly import, map, and then generate JPA POJO and Entity Annotated Java classes. For example, the new CocoBase Workbench preview and generate capabilities for Annotated Entity Bean source code are entirely unique and innovative approaches for developing enterprise-level JPA applications. 

These user interfaces also do an excellent job of simplifying the quite complex technology needed to meet enterprise requirements that is under the hood, so to speak, of CocoBase®. In fact, the CocoBase® Solution is the only JPA provider to deliver the full range of internal and external enterprise persistence features with the required depth and flexibility to successfully deploy large corporate mission-critical applications.  Additional assistance is given to the developer with integrations for Eclipse IDE and both CocoBase® JPA & POJO with the Spring Framework.


CocoBase JPA Persistence offers a number of key advantages for developers programming with the EJB 3.0 JPA that are not available with JPA implementations from other key ORM tools;

1) Includes the highly intuitive and advanced CocoBase GUI’s designed specifically for ease of use and high productivity. CocoBase is the only major ORM tool to include any kind of comprehensive GUI for building EJB 3 persistence.

2) Provides an advanced enterprise-focused commercial persistence technology and platform that the JPA API’s are integral part of.  This allows the developer to make use of the basic features supported in the JPA as well as the extensive additional persistence functionality and mapping and runtime features of CocoBase. The patented CocoBase Dynamic O/R Mapping architecture was designed from the beginning to easily manage the full range of persistence requirements from simple to complex.

3) Provides an extreme high performance and scalable persistence solution.  The CocoBase Persistence Manager is designed such that applications run up to 2 to 3 times faster than the same calls with just a JDBC driver. This high performance along with the linear scalability characteristics of CocoBase insures that applications easily meet usability expectations and cut the costs or need of additional software or hardware.

4) Provides the only major commercial (non open-source) ORM tool implementation of the EJB 3.0 JPA. This allows corporate applications to take advantage of a patented and source-code protected code base. The CocoBase JPA solution is an integral part of the toolset that was designed tightly and cohesively by the same engineering team that built the tool from the beginning.  The result takes full advantage of the decade old mature and stable persistence technology that is a key requirement for use in mission critical corporate applications.


"Unified persistence and query manager for local J2SE and distributed J2EE environments which is completely transparent to the object and does not modify or alter the byte-code of the object with extensions, annotations, etc. whether at design, build, deployment or runtime"  

The principle is that your Java objects are plain and ordinary with nothing unusual and especially no extensions or modifications from a vendor whether at design, build, deployment or runtime for either POJO or EJB 3.0.  

The POJO Object consists of Getters, Setters and potential Business rules and nothing else. CocoBase strictly honors the POJO architecture and the agreement with the developer not to modify, manipulate or corrupt their object model structure either in Java code or in memory.  The Local and Distributed CocoBase® PURE POJO™ requires no manual instance synchronization's or extended objects at design or runtime to produce distributed compatibility.

CocoBase® PURE POJO™ completely resolves the dilemma of being locked into a persistence tool and framework that can evolve rapidly adopting every new persistence API that comes along creating an enormous amount of work just to keep applications updated. Since CocoBase® PURE POJO™ does not alter the plain old Java objects, they can still be easily used no matter the vendor tool or persistence API. 

CocoBase® is committed to the freedom of the Java platform goal to "Write Once, Use Everywhere" for POJO and JPA persistence.