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high performance with JPA / POJO  


CocoBase V5.1's JPA Performance Is
200% To 400% Faster On Average Than Hibernate, OpenJPA and Toplink Essentials!"
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THOUGHT Inc. ®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping™ (ORM) Company, announces the results of an  apples to apples JPA performance analysis, verified independently, that shows commercial CocoBase is on average 200% to 400% faster than its closest open source ORM competitors; Hibernate, Open JPA and Toplink Essentials.

Data persistence performance is measured initially as “raw data volume performance” that has little to no data relationships or complexity of the object model. Then data relationships or complexity of the object model is increased which is then measured as scalability performance.

CocoBase’s raw data volume performance is on average 200% faster and scalability performance is 400% faster than the other JPA providers. The important aspect to notice is that CocoBase retains nearly the same level of performance as the data complexity increases which is identified as linear scalability, while the other JPA providers slow or bog down with increased complexity.

Linear scalability is usually required for enterprise development which has a medium level of data complexity as a minimum-level requirement. This means that CocoBase is the only JPA provider able to meet the performance needs of most enterprise-level development.


Benefiting from CocoBase’s linear performance is extremely important when dealing with increasing data complexity because this directly reduces the number of database server instances, application server instances and client hardware needed for managing the persistence of increasing data complexities which is required to meet enterprise requirements and budgetary restrictions. If scalability constraints are imposed on the application architecture, that increases the demands on the development effort, and is in direct conflict with other business requirements. Providing linear performance eliminates unnecessary scalability constraints, and allows applications to be coded in an elegant and business oriented fashion, instead of needing the business requirements to be modified to live within the constraints of the persistence provider.

HOT Please see CocoBase JPA Performance & Scalability Analysis TECH PAPER for in-depth details, performance numbers with test detail, etc
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CocoBase® provides the fastest Java caching architecture currently available. Our patent pending implementations include performance improvements as much as 400-500 times that of raw SQL loads. This is a 40,000-50,000% increase! The CocoBase® caching implementation is on average 10-100 times faster than other typical caching architectures available in Java and provides a unique level of performance and scalability.

Handling of Complex Models Performance is Linear

CocoBase® object graph performance is 'linear'. The performance cost of managing 1 object or 10,000 objects which have changed is the same per object cpu-wise. We know of no other Object to Relational Mapping tool that retains linear performance for complex models. The last time we did analysis on one of the common Open Source solutions for instance, a model of 500 objects performed 2-3 times slower per object than a model of 50 objects. This is but one example of scalability issues that plague o/r tools other than CocoBase®.

Good Use of Combined Calls

CocoBase® supports advanced SQL optimizations such as Cartesian and combined SQL loads that can reduce SQL traffic and database querying. Batch Inserts, stored procedure support, optimization of SQL (including support for database hints and proprietary syntax) all provide a dynamic ability to support complex and optimized solutions for loading and persisting POJO object models.

Extremely Efficient SQL

By default CocoBase® generates SQL based on the context of the operation. So for instance if an update of only a single column is required, that's what's issued. If database custom syntax such as hints or proprietary SQL are required, the admin facilities allow the developer to edit SQL mapping and create this custom syntax.

Effective JDBC Commands

Out of the box, the CocoBase® runtime uses best practices for managing JDBC connections, prepared statements, cursors, and SQL generation and execution. As a result, the application runs in an optimized and high performance fashion that generally outperforms equivalent hand coded applications by 2-3 times often with orders of magnitude of performance improvement.