data persistence

data persistence
jpa persistence tool for ejb 3
jpa persistence tool for ejb 3
data persistence data persistence jpa persistence tool for ejb 3
jpa persistence tool for ejb 3 data persistence
jpa persistence tool for ejb 3

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CocoBase® Solution

"Managing Enterprise Productivity"

- Focus On Business Requirements
- Identify Business Issues & Problems
- Solve With Mentoring & Technology

Breaking News:
January 7, 2009
Rational Rad7 Integration Now Included in CocoBase ® Plug-In For Eclipse IDE in New V5.5 SR3


The CocoBase Enterprise ORM platform is the key piece of an overall technology and services solution that is specifically designed to increase application development lifecycle efficiencies by up to 25% and more. The entire "CocoBase Solution" is directly focused on maximizing value to the customer.

As the only major commercially built ORM technology with certified JPA, its' direct focus on increasing the profit of enterprise customers makes sense. The result is a Return On Investment of up to 300% and more which is many times greater than a free open source technology that is not focused on increasing efficiencies at the enterprise-level.

The key values for a corporate development organization is reduced time to market, accelerated performance and ability to create competitive advantages. CocoBase is used by over three hundred customers including Fortune 1,000 organizations such as United Airlines, Verizon, Deutsche Bank and Expeditors International.

"CocoBase Solution For Enterprise Development"

The commercial-based solution includes all the key ingredients that create success at the enterprise-level.

1) CocoBase Dynamic ORM Technology Platform,
2) CocoBase On-Site Training,
3) CocoBase Architectural Mentoring,
4) CocoBase Enterprise Mid-Tier Technical Support.

The result is a development organization who can maximize the value of the CocoBase technology in saving time, creating high performance applications and benefit from including innovative features that strengthen their competitive advantage.

Please request CocoBase today and start saving money now! inquire here >>



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