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cocobase is essentially free  


Save Up To $3 And More For Every $1 Spent On CocoBase...Better Than Free!

The typical enterprise-level customer saves up to $3 for every $1 spent on CocoBase which is better than free. This is an amazing return on investment of 300% and more. This is primarily due to the time saved using CocoBase to develop the persistence code rather than hand-coding which can be error prone and difficult to evolve. Thought Inc. works very hard delivering a tool that successfully provides one of the best values for O/R Mapping technology in the industry for over a decade.

CocoBase is specifically priced for the typical fixed budget project scenario;

There are NO CHARGES per Application, per CPU, per Server or per Instance.

CocoBase is based on a per developer license model. The only licenses needed are for those developers doing development.

In fact, additional return on investment is obtained as the development team continues to use CocoBase to build additional applications. You will not find out later that there are hidden training costs or heavy investments of time needed to become an expert in Data Persistence technology just to keep your applications working. The highly experienced CocoBase engineering team does all that work for you.

For essentially free, you get all the benefits of a commercial-grade mature and stable O/R Mapping architecture that was the first 100% Java persistence tool available. See whitepaper that details the time savings for a typical enterprise project, click here >>

Increase Productivity By Saving Up To 85% Of The Cost Of Hand-Coding Database Access

CocoBase increases developer productivity up to six times and more compared to the time-consuming, error prone approach of hand-coding data persistence.  CocoBase has developers build POJO’s in minutes versus taking hours by hand.  This frees up the developer to spend more time on business logic and other important issues when building enterprise applications.

Brings Maintenance Cost To Practically Nothing

CocoBase holds the persistence information in the mapping layer (not in the POJO / DAO / Bean / Etc.) which allows even major changes to the database to not effect any changes in the application and vice versa.  This importantly respects keeping POJO’s in their clean, native and pure state without vendor specific code, extensions, annotations or other manipulations. This is all a result of the innovative Dynamic O/R Mapping layer architecture introduced and patented in CocoBase. 

Centrally Managed Access to cut database administration costs to almost zero.

CocoBase®, first of all, provides an easy to use Object to Relational point and click GUI mapping tool. This tool allows full control down to many to many relationships which is extraordinary and very useful. CocoBase can easily handle fully table spanning select, updates, inserts, deletes, and procedure calls with out recompile of the Java application required. Because reconfiguring of the database can happen on the fly without recompile or reload of every Java application, database administration costs can be cut to almost zero.