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CocoBase® Solution

Enterprise ORM Platform With POJO & JPA For Java, .Net & Mainframe Platforms Combined With Enterprise-Level Services For Comprehensive Customer Service Solution.

Rational RAD7 Integration Now Included In CocoBase® ORM Plug-In For Eclipse IDE That Has Full JPA GUI Support In New V5.5 SR3 Just Released.
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Eclipse IDE Leaps Ahead of Dali & EclipseLink ORM With Instant, Point & Click Creation Of JPA From New CocoBase V5.5 SR2.
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New V5.5 SR1 Of CocoBase JPA Solves Problem Of Keeping Business Models Synchronized With Database Models. (click here to see press release)


O/R Mapping Is Now Easy!


The new release of CocoBase® PURE POJO™ Version 5 is focused on making the development process of persisting data simple and easy to use for all common tasks. Major innovations to the repository architecture that holds all of the information on the data (in maps) is now totally decoupled allowing for exciting new approaches for handling maps, etc..

One key approach is the Magic Mapper™, that in a few steps, will intelligently analyze your table and field structures together with your object information and create resulting maps of that data. This is expected to cut about 80 to 95% of the time taken to map this data table by table, etc. Another success for ease of use is the new CocoBase® Workbench which is a set of wizards that contain all of the different functionality used to map the data and generate the persistence code.

The PURE POJO™ Persistence delivered in CocoBase® simplifies development by another whole degree as it does not alter or change the bytecode of the POJO in any manner as well as adds no extensions or annotations at design, build, deployment or runtime. This keeps the POJO in a clean natural state that maximizes code reuse and removes the possibility of application errors from happening due to inconsistent handling of POJOs resulting from changes in the bytecode whether by the JVM, application server, etc.

And integrations with Eclipse, Spring, Tomcat, etc. continue to greatly simplify the use of CocoBase® as it becomes an integral part of the developers' chosen toolset. To further give developers this ease of use, the Spring JPetStore example application has been ported to use CocoBase®. This example application can be created in just a few steps using Spring with CocoBase®. This example uses CocoBase for the persistence and runs on the Tomcat server.

Thought Inc. is committed to the Java platform goal of "Write Once, Use Everywhere" for Java Persistence.