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CocoBase® PURE POJO™ V5.1
JPA Performance Is On Average 200% To 400% Faster Than Hibernate, OpenJPA and Toplink Essentials!


San Francisco, CA. – August 9, 2007

THOUGHT Inc. ®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping™ (ORM) Company announces the results of an  apples to apples JPA performance analysis, verified independently, that shows commercial CocoBase is on average 200% to 400% faster than its closest open source ORM competitors; Hibernate, Open JPA and Toplink Essentials. Data persistence performance is measured initially as “raw data volume performance” that has little to no data relationships or complexity of the object model. Then data relationships or complexity of the object model is increased which is then measured as scalability performance. CocoBase’s raw data volume performance is on average 200% faster and scalability performance is 400% faster than the other JPA providers. The important aspect to notice is that CocoBase retains nearly the same level of performance as the data complexity increases which is identified as linear scalability, while the other JPA providers slow or bog down with increased complexity. Linear scalability is usually required for enterprise development which has a medium level of data complexity as a minimum-level requirement. This means that CocoBase is the only JPA provider able to meet the performance needs of most enterprise-level development. This is another key example of why CocoBase is the “Best Choice JPA Provider for Enterprise Development”.

“Corporate IT requirements are highly sensitive to a JPA data persistence solution that actually provides the needed level of performance and scalability,” said Greg Baker, Director of Sales & Marketing, Thought Inc. “CocoBase’s amazing JPA performance provides the benefits of greatly reduced software & hardware costs, simpler approaches to application architecture, and exceeds  fast user response times needed to be competitive in the marketplace.”

Benefiting from CocoBase’s linear performance is extremely important when dealing with increasing data complexity because this directly reduces the number of database server instances, application server instances and client hardware needed for managing the persistence of increasing data complexities which is required to meet enterprise requirements and budgetary restrictions. If scalability constraints are imposed on the application architecture, that increases the demands on the development effort, and is in direct conflict with other business requirements. Providing linear performance eliminates unnecessary scalability constraints, and allows applications to be coded in an elegant and business oriented fashion, instead of needing the business requirements to be modified to live within the constraints of the persistence provider.

CocoBase® has directly responded to the needs of corporate development with a focus on “Ease of Use.”  CocoBase® is the only JPA provider to offer a complete IDE integrated development Workbench with a robust GUI User Interface.  The CocoBase® GUI is very easy to use and manages the full range of complexities required by the developer for mapping data persistence requirements.  The result is efficiency gains for the development organization that lead to real savings. This benefit is greatly expanded by the unique ability of the CocoBase® platform to provide all of the additional enterprises persistence features needed in corporate development not included in JPA.  In fact, CocoBase® stands alone in its’ ability to cover the full range of enterprise persistence features.  This is not a surprise since CocoBase® was architected from its’ inception to solve the requirements of enterprise application development.  This is why CocoBase® is used by over 300 customers worldwide including many key Fortune 1,000 companies.

Please proceed to the website and request CocoBase® in order to work with sales to see the performance test for yourself.

Marketing Contact:  Greg Baker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Thought Inc.®, at (415) 836-9199.

About CocoBase® PURE POJO™

CocoBase® PURE POJO™, the sole provider of enterprise persistence features for development with JPA.  It is optimized for J2EE and J2SE customer success and is the technological leader for solving the Object to Relational impedance mismatch.  Available to customers since early 1997 and in its’ fifth major release, CocoBase®  PURE POJO™ has earned a solid reputation for delivering success on the enterprise.  Please note that CocoBase® PURE POJO™ is essentially FREE!  For every dollar spent on CocoBase® there is up to $3 in project savings for an astounding ROI of 300% and more.  This is better than free and includes a powerful simple to use technology for persisting data with highly responsive technical support, training and mentoring. 

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc.®, the Dynamic O/R Mapping™ Company, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized Object to Relational Mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. THOUGHT Inc.'s® global sales include customers in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and India. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

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