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Extremely Useful Ability To Query Subsets Of Complex Data With EJBQL 3.0 Now Available In CocoBase® Enterprise O/R Version 4.5 SR8 From Thought Inc.®

Developers Can Query Multi-Field Projections Which Allows Portions Of An Object (Or Multiple Objects) To Be Queried Into A Single Result Set Object.




San Francisco, CA. - December 7, 2005

THOUGHT Inc.®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping™ Company announces extremely useful ability to query subsets of complex data with CocoBase® Enterprise O/R version 4.5, the market leader and award winning Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping™ tool shipping since 1997. Previously EJBQL was restricted to retrieving an entire object or one column of data. The new EJBQL 3.0 specification allows developers to create projections, which is a list of arbitrary columns from one or more objects in the database. It is a powerful method for querying reporting functions which can produce subsets of objects, etc. This makes it unnecessary to retrieve an entire large object when only a partial list of fields needs to be represented. Retrieving and presenting data is now possible without the extra overhead of retrieving the entire complex object or object model. This provides a much simpler and useful method for querying complex object model data which also increases application performance at the same time.

The comprehensive CocoBase® Querying Solution includes four different querying systems; 1) EJBQL, 2) a high level CocoBase® Query API that looks very similar to SQL, 3) a low level CocoBase® Query API, and 4) the standard CocoBase® Query by Example which queries instances instead of object models. These four systems cover the breadth of required querying options needed for building enterprise-level corporate applications. The developer can choose to query data across the spectrum from an object view to a relational view depending on which one best fits the applications' requirements.

Additional querying enhancements are also included in the new release of CocoBase®. One of these new enhancements is to the low level CocoBase Query APIs which gives better support for custom and advanced 'subquery' syntax that is dynamically generated by the developer through custom SQL constructed by them. Also, the ability to issue a block query for a specific range of values without requiring scrollable cursors to remain open meets the needs of users working with large data sets. The block query extracts a page of information that is within the whole large set of information and then closes the statement thus reducing throughput to the database. In other words, the block query or "Page Oriented Queries" gets the information or data without leaving an open resource to the database helping to protect overall performance.

The block query also includes the ability to specify the 'truncation' of a result set while issuing block/range queries which further increases performance and reduces overhead on databases that do not support SQL ROWNUM filtering. This has to do with telling the database to limit how many records internally it will construct into an object, so it will look at record 100 and add in the next 50 records for total of 50 records. This gives the developer the ability to further define and control the database thus restricting the number of objects retrieved to not more than needed which greatly increases efficiency and performance.

For a free download of CocoBase® and additional performance information please proceed to

Marketing Contact: Greg Baker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Thought Inc.®, at (415) 836-9199.

About CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping™ optimized for J2EE and J2SE customer success is the top solution for solving the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. As the mature technological leader in the industry available to customers since early 1997 and is in its' fourth major release, CocoBase has earned a solid reputation for delivering success. CocoBase virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for POJO Data Persistence, JDO, EJB and Java Applications. This can directly decrease up to 85% of the cost of database access development for enterprise customers faced with persisting data in company applications. The result is that for every dollar spent on CocoBase about $3 in project savings is given back to the project. CocoBase is essentially free and the project team still gets powerful simple to use technology, highly responsive technical support and amazingly effective training and mentoring.

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc.®, the Dynamic O/R Mapping™ Company, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized Object to Relational Mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. THOUGHT Inc.'s® global sales include customers in the United States, Europe, Asia and India. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

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