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Jboss Open-Source Application Server Offers Dynamic Transparent Persistence with Its Integration of Cocobase(TM) Enterprise O/R from Thought Inc.(TM)

Cocobase Enterprise O/R Delivers Complex Object to Relational Mapping for Jboss Open-Source Platform


SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 17, 2001. JBoss Group LLC, a commercial company regrouping developers from the state-of-the-art JBoss Open Source application server, today announced their decision to broaden their offerings for the enterprise level developer with CocoBase Enterprise O/R, the leading object-to-relational mapping tool, optimized for EJB and Java. CocoBase enables the developer to automatically generate, map and deploy CMP/BMP Entity, Session Beans, JSPs effortlessly from its editable templates for JBoss. The powerful and patented mapping technology used in CocoBase Enterprise O/R simplifies relational data persistence for JBoss applications.

"JBoss's commitment to their customer is exemplified by their decision to offer an open and extensible solution like CocoBase Enterprise O/R with their own open-source application server. Together, we deliver flexible and customizable persistence that can easily adapt to all their customers' needs," said Ward Mullins, CTO of THOUGHT Inc.

"With 50,000 downloads per month, JBoss is pleased to offer its wide user base the possibility of working with CocoBase's high-end O/R mapping tool. Our CocoBase affiliate offering is part of our commitment to providing a broad range of JBoss-compatible products to enhance the choice of add-on tools available with our free product," said Marc Fleury, CEO of JBoss Group LLC.

The CocoBase Enterprise O/R Mapping tool provides JBoss developers' rapid development with fine-grained, fully extendable, Object to Relational mapping layer. CocoBase is an easy-to-use, standards compliant, dynamic persistence layer. Recent advances include its full integration with any XMI/UML™ Modeling Tool (i.e. Rational Rose) enabling the developers ability to generate class tables directly from their XMI/UML™ Models and its ability to provide dynamic transparent persistence over either local and distributed environments.

About JBoss

JBoss is a state-of-the-art, Open Source application server based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) specification from SUN Microsystems. As an Open Source implementation, JBoss is available free of charge. Implemented in 100% Pure Java, it is also platform-independent. The JBoss website averages approximately 50,000 downloads of its application a month as reported by Its primary user base consists of independent software vendors, system integrators and consultants.

In addition to their community of 1000 international developers, JBoss Group LLC, a commercial company based in Atlanta, Georgia, is comprised of specialists dedicated to providing services around the JBoss platform. These services take the form of support, training, consulting and JBoss-related software sales. .

About THOUGHT Inc.

Established in 1993, THOUGHT Inc. is the market leader in dynamic o/r mapping, optimized for EJB and java. THOUGHT Inc. has been shipping CocoBase, the patented flagship product and the industry's most advanced solution for accessing legacy data in a distributed application since March of 1997. Since that time, THOUGHT Inc. founders have successfully provided solutions for customers deploying applications on the Worldwide Web and have gained a reputation for excellence in their field. CocoBase is a standards-based product relying on such technologies as RMI, CORBA, JDBC, EJB, etc. THOUGHT Inc., with offices in San Francisco and Paris support their customers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia. CocoBase and THOUGHT Inc. are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. CocoBase technology is based on US patent #5857197. More information on THOUGHT Inc. can be found online at