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Sybase® Delivers Robust Web Applications through Partnership with Thought Inc.®

Integration with CocoBase Software Brings Object-to-Relational Mapping to Sybase's EA Server


San Francisco, CA -- October 31, 2000 -- Sybase, Inc. [NASDAQ: SYBS] announced today a business partnership with THOUGHT® Inc. that enables customers to integrate the market's leading object-to-relational (O/R) mapping software from THOUGHT Inc. with Sybase® EAServer.

By using CocoBase® Enterprise O/R with EAServer, businesses significantly reduce the time it takes to develop robust Web applications that integrate e-business applications. CocoBase Enterprise O/R helps to achieve this by automatically creating and generating Container and Bean Managed Persistence (CMP/BMP) Entity beans in minutes that perform up to 400% faster than manually coded beans according to THOUGHT Inc.

"This partnership demonstrates Sybase's commitment to provide an enhanced application development environment by delivering an optimal solution for O/R mapping," said Loren Corbridge, Sybase product manager for EAServer.

Ward Mullins, CTO of THOUGHT Inc., said, "Sybase and THOUGHT have made programming easier for Java developers. The combined technologies of CocoBase and EAServer offer developers and their customers an effective solution for high-end database access, enhanced performance, and easy implementation for building applications on the EJB platform."

EAServer, a leader in the application server marketplace, is one of the first application servers offering full support of the J2EE
TM technology-based standard, having passed the Sun Microsystems Java TM2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE TM) technology compatibility test suite. EAServer provides complete support for J2EE technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans TM (EJB TM), Java TM Servlet, Java Naming and Directory Interface TM components, Java Transaction Service (JTS) and Java Transaction API, and JDBC TM technology. In addition, EAServer provides seamless support for virtually any type of client including CORBA, XML, HTML, DHTML, any ActiveX client, C and C++, and PowerBuilder TM.

CocoBase Enterprise O/R provides a powerful tool for bridging the impedance mismatch between objects used by EJB Servers and RDBMS. CocoBase is a standards-based product that provides easy integration of Bean, Container and Session Beans with EJB enabling a best of breed O/R mapping solution for enterprise and e-business systems. THOUGHT Inc., the market leader for O/R mapping optimized for EJB, holds patents for Repository-based Object Mapping. For more information on CocoBase, visit:

About Sybase, Inc.
Headquartered in Emeryville, CA, Sybase, Inc., is one of the largest global independent software companies. Sybase helps businesses integrate, manage, and deliver applications, content, and data anywhere they are needed. The company's products, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide a comprehensive platform for integrated, end-to-end solutions in mobile and embedded computing, data warehousing, and Web environments. Sybase focuses especially on Enterprise Portal (EP) solutions, which give businesses the ability to extend their enterprise to customers, partners, and suppliers by converting stored data into useful information, which can be organized, integrated, and personalized for use anywhere at anytime. Sybase customers represent the industries leading the global economy, with strong concentrations in financial services, public sector, telecommunications, and healthcare. The company's Web address is

About THOUGHT Inc.
Established in 1993, THOUGHT Inc. is a market leader in Java-based object-oriented mapping middleware technology. THOUGHT Inc. has been shipping CocoBase, the patented flagship product and the industry's most advanced framework for accessing legacy data in a distributed application since March of 1997. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, THOUGHT Inc. supports customers worldwide in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia. Visit for more information.