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Embarcadero Technologies and THOUGHT Inc.® to Market Enterprise Object to Relational Mapping Tool


.Embarcadero Technologies to resell
CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

San Francisco, CA. June 24, 2002 - THOUGHT Inc.®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping® Company, today announced a relationship with Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBT), a leading provider of application and database lifecycle management solutions, to resell CocoBase® Enterprise O/R along with Describe®, Embarcadero's Unified Modeling Language (UML) design and development tool.

The integration of CocoBase® with Describe® provides a proven solution for managing database access by simplifying the process of persisting relational data. CocoBase's® Dynamic O/R Mapping® layer automatically creates maps and generates Container Managed Persistence (CMP), Bean Managed Persistence (BMP), Session Beans, Java Server Pages (JSP), and stand-alone Java persistence directly from the UML-XMI object model.

"Embarcadero Technologies focuses on delivering easy-to-use solutions and integrations that fully meet our customers' enterprise development needs, both on the relational database side as well as on the application development side," said Nate Skinner, product manager for Describe. "The addition of enterprise-level Object to Relational Mapping with CocoBase® is an excellent choice for users of Describe, and is in line with the needs of our enterprise customer base."

CocoBase® cuts the cost of database access development by up to 85%. Tightly coupling CocoBase® with the Describe UML Design tool for seamless development can further contribute to dramatic time savings for developers. The ability to automatically add in the persistence layer to the existing object model eliminates the need for hand-coding JDBC, SQL, Java persistence, etc.

"Using CocoBase® in concert with Describe, developers can get from concept to deployment in record time," said Ward Mullins, CTO, THOUGHT Inc. ® "Partnering with Embarcadero Technologies offers customers an exceptional solution for building J2EE and J2SE applications."

About Describe®

Describe® is a next-generation UML design and development tool that offers both rich modeling features and productivity-focused development utilities to simplify analysis, design and implementation for organizations working with Java, C++, and IDL. Describe offers a seamless, embedded integration within leading Java IDEs to provide a single, integrated modeling and development environment. With superior navigation, wizard-based automation of common tasks, and synchronous, round-trip engineering, Describe turns the UML into a live tool for understanding and manipulating the source base.

About Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBT), is a leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to build, optimize and manage databases and applications supporting today's critical enterprise systems. Thousands of customers, including over 90 of the Fortune 100, use Embarcadero products to design, develop and administer their mission-critical database applications. Embarcadero Technologies, ranked in the top 20 of the 2001 Forbes ASAP Dynamic 100, is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, call 415/834-3131.

About CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Optimized for J2EE, J2SE and J2ME Customer Success, solves the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. It virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for EJB and Java Applications. This can directly decrease up to 85% of the cost of database access development for enterprise customers faced with deploying fine-grained (simple to complex) relationships on the J2EE - EJB and J2SE - Java O/R platforms.

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc.®, the Dynamic O/R Mapping® Company, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized object to relational mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. The company supports customers around the world from their offices in Paris, France, and Florianopolis, Brazil as well as corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA. CocoBase® and THOUGHT Inc.® are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. ®. Dynamic O/R Mapping® and Dynamic Transparent Persistence® are pending trademarks of THOUGHT Inc.®. CocoBase® technology is based on US patent #5857197 as well as additional pending patents directed to object navigation, object modeling and caching. All other trademarks are property of their respective company. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

Media Contact: Dan Wilson, (415) 836-9199.