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CocoBase® Enterprise O/R advances
Transparent Object Persistence,
Complex Data Object Graphs and
Java's original design intent !

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San Francisco, CA. June 5, 2001 - THOUGHT Inc., the market and technological leader in Object to Relational Mapping OPTIMIZED for EJB, today announced exciting advances in Transparent Object Persistence features in CocoBase Enterprise O/R for use with EJB and Java Classes. Persisting complex data object graphs in both a local and distributed environment is greatly simplified to a few lines of code. This is accomplished dynamically thus not polluting the object graph allowing for optimal continued reuse.

Ward Mullins CTO, of Thought Inc. summed up the company's philosophy in a news conference today in this way, "To the Object Model do no harm."

It is important to compare and contrast this development with existing systems such as ODMG and JDO. These specifications say that the APIs are open, however, in order to achieve a practical implementation the result becomes proprietary and vendor specific. This means that either the class must be rewritten by hand or rewritten by some tool to be compatible with their systems. The increased complexity and developer time to create and maintain such a large code base can quickly become unreasonable.

CocoBase's architecture by contrast doesn't require CocoBase code to be inserted into the objects or the object graph. Therefore reprocessing of source code or byte code in order to persist the objects does not occur. Instead, the CocoBase product can persist an entire graph of objects created elsewhere with no changes to either the object source or binary code.

Both ODMG & JDO require changes to the source or binary code of the objects. These approaches are both unnecessary and often increase error-prone code to an unacceptable level. Many consider the designs of ODMG and JDO to be counter to Java's open access - cross platform - component reuse design intent. While CocoBase's architecture makes java classes vendor neutral, the other approaches deeply tie the source or binary code to only one vendor. Their system creates a java class hierarchy that once processed and integrated by one vendor becomes completely incompatible with another.

This latest generation of CocoBase's technology can identify 'copies' of objects and parts of object graphs, and manage them in both a local and distributed environment. Entire graphs of objects can be copied to some remote machine, manipulated and then processed in some form to be returned synchronized with the original and the copy. CocoBase, using this facility, can manage virtually any serializable object graph.

About CocoBase Enterprise O/R

CocoBase Enterprise O/R provides EJB developers templates for Container and Bean Managed Persistence that are optimized for scaling and performance with full support for EJB 1.0, 1.1 and the anticipated 2.0. The generated CMP, BMP, JSP code, like most of CocoBase Enterprise O/R, can be extended or changed based on the customers unique requirements without having to involve costly consulting. This fine grained Object to Relational mapping and dynamic code generation provides the developer consistent, high-end database access across any standard EJB Server with the ability to manage complex relationships between Entity beans and Non-Entity beans, and access to any standard Relational database.

About Thought Inc.

Established in 1993, THOUGHT Inc. is the market leader in Java-based object-oriented Mapping Middleware technology. THOUGHT Inc. has been shipping CocoBase, the patented flagship product and the industry's most advanced framework for accessing legacy data in a distributed application since March of 1997. CocoBase is a standards based product relying on such technologies as RMI, CORBA, JDBC, EJB, etc. Thought Inc. makes its home in San Francisco supporting customers worldwide in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia. CocoBase and THOUGHT Inc. are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. CocoBase technology is based on US patent #5857197. More information on THOUGHT Inc. can be found online at