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THOUGHT, Inc.'s tm Product Supports Nine Leading EJB Vendors with Optimized Container- and Bean-Managed Persistence

CocoBase Enterprise O/R Features Tight Integrations for BEA Weblogic 4/5.1, Bluestone Software, Gemstone/J, IBM WebSphere 3.0.2, iPlanet (a Sun-Netscape Alliance), Inprise Application Server, IONA iPortal, Object Space Voyager and the Sybase EA Server.


San Francisco, CA. June 5, 2000 - CocoBase Enterprise O/R, from THOUGHT Inc.( of San Francisco, is the only Object to Relational (O/R) Mapping tool with portable Container Managed and Bean Managed Persistence that works eight of the leading Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Server Platforms.

CocoBase supports BEA Weblogic 4/5.1, Bluestone Software, Gemstone/J, IBM WebSphere 3.0.2, iPlanet (a Sun-Netscape Alliance), Inprise Application Server, IONA iPortal, Object Space Voyager and the Sybase EA Server. The powerful and patented mapping technology used in CocoBase Enterprise

O/R simplifies the persisting of relational data with virtually any EJB Server. The product allows Entity Beans made for one server to be readily used with another EJB server, an example of the basic Java concept of "write once, run anywhere." CocoBase Enterprise O/R combined with the EJB Server of choice makes for an attractive platform for building low cost, high performance E-Commerce solutions. THOUGHT Inc. is the leader in providing Object to Relational Mapping OPTIMIZED for the EJB Platform.

"CocoBase provides the major missing piece for the EJB Server platform, which is high-speed Relational database access that can be created and manipulated on the fly," said Ward Mullins, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of THOUGHT, Inc., a San Francisco-based market leader in Java-based object-oriented middleware mapping tools. "We have focused on providing EJB developers with powerful mapping technology that does as much of the development and data access optimization work as possible. The results are reduced coding errors and rapid deployment of top performing Internet Ready Applications."

CocoBase Enterprise O/R provides EJB developers editable code generation of Container and Bean Managed Persistence that is optimized for scaling and performance with full support for EJB 1.0 and 1.1. The generated CMP and BMP code, like most of CocoBase Enterprise O/R, can be extended or changed, based on the customers unique requirements without the need for costly technical consultants. This fine grained Object to Relational (O/R) mapping and dynamic code generation provides the developer consistent, high-end database access across almost any standard EJB Server.

A number of EJB Server software vendors have commented on the compatibility between their products and the CocoBase Enterprise O/R:

Added Bob Bickel, Senior Vice President and Executive Technology Officer for Bluestone Software, "Fundamental to the Bluestone philosophy is creating open, extensible architectures that let users work with the tools and technologies they choose. Adhering to this philosophy,Total-e-Server lets EJB developers work with their preferred CMP technology. THOUGHT's leadership in CMP services makes them a logical partner."

"A number of our customers are using both GemStone/J and CocoBase Enterprise O/R to deliver superior programming and deployment for their most critical and complex Internet commerce applications," said Doug Pollack, vice president of marketing at GemStone Systems. "This strategic alliance ensures that developers have seamless integration between GemStone/J and CocoBase Enterprise O/R."

"We are constantly evaluating tools to include in our iPlanet software portfolio and found CocoBase Enterprise O/R to meet the needs of our current customers as well as future iPlanet Application Server 6.0 customers for CMP. CocoBase's extensible and flexible persistence architecture makes it a good tool for use in the wide variety of business applications that customers are using our application servers for today," said Joe Keller, vice president of application server products at iPlanet.

"Inprise is delighted to have a relationship with Thought Inc"
said Erik O'Neill Sr Product Manager for Inprise Application Server 4. "CocoBase Enterprise O/R with IAS4 rocks".

"The ability to make the generation of persistence solutions, both CMP and BMP, simply and quickly, through the integration of the iPortal Application Server with CocoBase, will be of great advantage to our customers", said Simon Pepper, Senior Product Manager iPortal Application Server, IONA Technologies. "The functionality required in an Application Server includes not only scalability and resilience, but also ease of use to meet development and deployment deadlines."

Container Managed Persistence (CMP) allows developers using EJB technology to build components without having to directly deal with persistence during development, while Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) requires that the developer write a certain amount of persistence code. The use of CMP reduces the need for a developer to understand or to implement persistence code, which can dramatically speed up development. In contrast, the use of BMP makes it easier for the developer to edit and customize persistence code during development. While this option delivers more flexibility to a developer, it can be complex and costly without the use of an O/R tool such as CocoBase Enterprise O/R.

"CocoBase Enterprise O/R allows programmers to quickly generate CMP and BMP beans for EJB Severs, cutting development time for each bean from many man hours to minutes." said Dan Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for THOUGHT Inc. "Since customers have ever shortening time frames to deliver applications and need the ability to extend those applications in the future, CocoBase Enterprise O/R is the logical solution for EJB development."

About CocoBase Enterprise O/R
CocoBase Enterprise O/R provides a powerful standard for bridging the fault between objects used by EJB Servers and RDBMS's. The CocoBase technology is based on landmark patents issued to THOUGHT Inc. for Repository based Object Mapping. It is the technology and product leader in the Java space. After 4 years of product acceptance and thousands of installation sites, CocoBase is in a class by itself in terms of Object to Relational Mapping. THOUGHT Inc. invented Repository based Object Mapping and then built a system on that technology that actually is more efficient than static solutions. This makes it an essential necessity for any Java Enterprise Component Developer.

About THOUGHT Inc.
Established in 1993, THOUGHT Inc. is the market leader in Java-based object-oriented Mapping Middleware technology. THOUGHT Inc. has been shipping CocoBase, the patented flagship product and the industry's most advanced framework for accessing legacy data in a distributed application since March of 1997. Since that time, THOUGHT Inc. founders have successfully provided solutions for customers deploying applications on the Worldwide Web and have gained a reputation for excellence in their field. CocoBase is a standards based product relying on such technologies as RMI, CORBA, JDBC, EJB, etc. THOUGHT Inc. makes its home in San Francisco supporting customers worldwide in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia. The CocoBase family of products are available through distributors, resellers and directly online at their Yahoo Store. CocoBase and THOUGHT Inc. are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. CocoBase technology is based on US patent #5857197.