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CocoBase® Emerges As Performance Leader For Providing Dynamic POJO Data Persistence™ from Thought Inc.®

CocoBase® Makes POJO Applicationss Twice As Fast Over Raw JDBC With Identical Commands And SQL Statements; Without Using Caching, Combined Calls Or Other Tricks. It Is Just Plain Faster Than JDBC!




San Francisco, CA. - May 24, 2005

THOUGHT Inc.®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping™ Company announces that CocoBase® Enterprise O/R version 4.5, the market leader and award winning Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping™ tool shipping since 1997, increases performance to twice that of raw JDBC for applications using Dynamic POJO Data Persistence™ without caching or other tricks. No other Java Object to Relational Mapping tool providing POJO Data Persistence has published information stating performance numbers at this performance level. Most O/R Mapping tools publish performance numbers on average 15 - 20% slower - as a layer - than raw JDBC without caching. CocoBase's® fast performance continues an almost decade of technological leadership with a solution for Dynamic POJO Data Persistence™ performance that is unequaled in the industry.

CocoBase® is the only apparent O/R Mapping tool that performs faster than raw JDBC with identical JDBC driver and SQL. This is not a 'trick' of adding caching or making CocoBase® use optimizations not used in the JDBC code - instead it's an apples to apples comparison. No caching enabled, same SQL, same JDBC driver, same transaction settings, and same prepared statement handling. This is accomplished through optimized code that in combination with the Java just in time compiler produces a faster 'executable' when running. After years of working with the Java JIT, CocoBase® has evolved it's highly optimized code in this way creating a solution unique to CocoBase®. As a result of this optimization, raw SQL operations with CocoBase® execute on average twice as fast as they do with JDBC (see performance test suite and whitepaper for more details available at

CocoBase® provides additional methods for increasing performance above and beyond the base level high performance. CocoBase® caching increases performance by as much as 400 - 500 times that of raw SQL loads. It also maximizes the combined use of calls to the database that greatly minimizes throughput. CocoBase's® object graph performance is uniquely 'linear' thus the performance cost of managing 1 object or 10,000 objects which have changed is the same per object performance-wise. We know of no other Object to Relational Mapping tool that retains linear performance for complex models. CocoBase® also makes good use of optimized SQL and JDBC commands that further support high performance in the application including support for fully customizable and proprietary SQL optimizations. The CocoBase® performance numbers are amazing and are one of the major reasons companies use it for their enterprise-level applications. Join customers such as Harte-Hanks and United Airlines in using CocoBase® for your mission critical applications.

For a free download of CocoBase® and additional performance information please proceed to

Marketing Contact: Greg Baker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Thought Inc.®, at (415) 836-9199.

About CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping™ optimized for J2EE and J2SE customer success is the top solution for solving the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. As the mature technological leader in the industry available to customers since early 1997 and is in its' fourth major release, CocoBase has earned a solid reputation for delivering success. CocoBase virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for POJO Data Persistence, JDO, EJB and Java Applications. This can directly decrease up to 85% of the cost of database access development for enterprise customers faced with persisting data in company applications. The result is that for every dollar spent on CocoBase about $3 in project savings is given back to the project. CocoBase is essentially free and the project team still gets powerful simple to use technology, highly responsive technical support and amazingly effective training and mentoring.

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc.®, the Dynamic O/R Mapping™ Company, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized Object to Relational Mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. THOUGHT Inc.'s® global sales include customers in the United States, Europe, Asia and India. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

This document is copyrighted and owned solely by THOUGHT Inc.® 2005. CocoBase® and THOUGHT Inc.® are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc.®. Dynamic POJO Data Persistence™, Dynamic O/R Mapping™, Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping™, Dynamic Universal Querying™ and Dynamic Transparent Persistence™ are pending trademarks of THOUGHT Inc.®. CocoBase® technology is based on US patent #5857197 as well as additional pending patents directed to object navigation, object modeling, querying and caching. All other trademarks are property of their respective company. This publication is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, to also include any and all technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.