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CocoBase® and Oracle9i Application Server Instantly Generate Transparent Persistence, CMP/BMP Entity EJBs, Session Beans and JSPs

San Francisco, CA. March 27, 2002 - THOUGHT Inc.®, The Dynamic O/R Mappingtm Company, announces CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Version 4, optimization for Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). With the combined solution, Java developers can easily develop and deploy transactional applications on Oracle9iAS and seamlessly access and store mission critical information in the industry leading Oracle9i Database, making it easier for developers to build e-business applications requiring Java and SQL.

CocoBase® is a Dynamic O/R Mapping
tm layer that runs on Oracle9i Application Server and manages entry and retrieval of data in the relational database. This reduces the need to hand-code database access for transactional Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. Dynamically creating database access information at runtime, CocoBase® and Oracle9iAS allow Java applications to perform and scale with reusable flexibility.

"Oracle9i Application Server is an ideal platform for building Internet applications," said Thomas Kurian, senior vice president, Oracle9i Application Server at Oracle Corporation. "CocoBase® and Oracle9iAS bridge the gap between Java and SQL developers, making it easy to develop and deploy transactional applications using Java."

"Adding support for the Oracle9i Application Server expands the solutions available for our customers," said Ward Mullins, CTO of THOUGHT Inc.® "CocoBase's® powerful mapping technology makes it easy for developers to handle complex, enterprise-level data mapping requirements."

About Oracle9i Application Server

Oracle solves the IT challenge of integrating fragmented middleware products to run an e-business by providing one product that can replace more than 12 separate point products from other vendors. Oracle9i Application Server provides complete J2EE support, built-in enterprise portal software, high-speed caching, business intelligence, rapid application development, application and business integration, web services and more, all in one package. Oracle9i Application Server is 100 percent standards compliant, supporting standards such as J2EE 1.3, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RosettaNet 1.1/2.0, ebXML, WebDAV, LDAP v3, SSL v3, and XML. Oracle's extensive investment in application server research and development has enabled the company to deliver a lightweight J2EE engine and extended caching capabilities that allow companies to save on infrastructure costs by scaling with software instead of hardware.

About CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, OPTIMIZED for J2EE and J2SE Customer Success, solves the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. CocoBase's® mapping technology covers the breadth of EJB 2.0/1.1 Entity Beans, Session Beans, JSP's on the J2EE platform and Java persistence code on the J2SE platform. This 4.0 release adds in support for EJB 2.0, CMP Entity bean relationships, local and remote bean interfaces, extended Transparent Persistence support for local and distributed environments, Generic Session Beans, Tomcat 4.0 JSP code templates with optional User Transaction Object, etc.

CocoBase's® unique Dynamic Mapping Layer
tm insures that the developer can easily build and deploy applications for optimal scalability and performance with minimal maintenance requirements. The CocoBase® technology is based on landmark patents issued to THOUGHT® Inc. for Repository based Object Mapping. It is the technology and product leader in the Java space. After years of product acceptance and thousands of installation sites, CocoBase® is in a class by itself in terms of delivering Object to Relational Mapping technology.

About THOUGHT® Inc.

THOUGHT Inc.®, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, "Dynamic Mapping for the Enterprise" was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized object to relational mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. The company supports customers around the world from their offices in Paris, France, and Florianopolis, Brazil as well as corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA. CocoBase® and THOUGHT Inc. ® are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. ®. CocoBase® technology is based on US patent #5857197. All other trademarks are property of their respective company. More information on THOUGHT Inc.® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

Oracle is a registered trademark and Oracle9i is a trademark or registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.

Media Contact: Dan Wilson, (415) 836-9199.