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press releases  ® Went From Complex Abstract Object Model to Concrete Java Application Instantly with CocoBase® Enterprise O/R from Thought Inc.®


CocoBase® Enterprise O/R's UML / XMI support enabled developers to take a complex object model, import it from Rational Rose, and automatically generate editable persistence code.

San Francisco, CA. March 5, 2002 - THOUGHT Inc.®, The Dynamic O/R Mapping® Company, announces another CocoBase® customer success with Corporation, a provider of the real-time business intelligence data platform. CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Optimized for J2EE and J2SE Customer Success, provided the infrastructure to manage and persist data for their Frontline System, which provides web-based management consoles to visualize and tune an Application Server to best run an application. The core of the Frontline System manages large volumes of data in real time which requires a high performance, dynamic mapping layer delivered by CocoBase® Enterprise O/R.

"CocoBase® took us from an abstract object model in Rational Rose to concrete Java code in minutes. Their UML / XMI support is outstanding," said Igor Gorbunov, Senior Systems Analyst,'s challenge was to build a system that could process continuous, large streams of data, persist the data, and make it available to the user in real time as well as historical. The team had developed an abstract complex object model in Rational Rose and in a short time, using CocoBase®, imported the model and generated their application. The time savings for the team could well have been in the thousands of man-hours, clearly supporting the future success of the new company.

"We can get from concept to deployment in nothing flat," boasted Ward Mullins, CTO at Thought. "We can take an abstract model and turn it into a concrete object model in seconds with all the advantages of O/R Mapping. made great use of this feature in CocoBase®."

Developers can now extend their favorite Modeling Tools' functionality to include CocoBase's® dynamic, Object to Relational database persistence. CocoBase® can turn UML / XMI Models into persistence maps, generate a complete range of abstract Java classes, EJB components and greatly simplify the complex process of mapping and persisting relational data. CocoBase's® mapping technology covers the breadth of EJB 2.0/1.1 Entity Beans, Session Beans, JSP's on the J2EE platform and Java persistence code on the J2SE platform.

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About CocoBase® Enterprise O/R

CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, Optimized for J2EE and J2SE Customer Success, solves the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. It virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for EJB and Java Applications. This can directly decrease up to 85% of the cost of database access development for enterprise customers faced with deploying fine-grained (simple to complex) relationships on the J2EE (EJB 0/R) or J2SE (Java O/R) platforms.

CocoBase's® unique Dynamic Mapping Layer insures that the developer can easily build and deploy applications for optimal scalability, performance with minimal maintenance. The CocoBase® technology is based on landmark patents issued to THOUGHT® Inc. for Repository based Object Mapping. It is the technology and product leader in the Java space. After years of product acceptance and thousands of installation sites, CocoBase® is in a class by itself in terms of delivering Object to Relational Mapping technology.

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc. ®, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, "Dynamic Mapping for the Enterprise®" was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized object to relational mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. The company supports customers around the world from their offices in Paris, France, and Florianopolis, Brazil as well as corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA. CocoBase® and THOUGHT Inc. ® are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc.® CocoBase® technology is based on US patent #5857197. All other trademarks are property of their respective company. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling, (415) 836-9199.

About Manage.Com

Manage.Com business intelligence data platform enables the creation of a new class of real-time business intelligence applications. Manage.Com enables business users to visualize their critical data by unlocking the potential that exists in their Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) infrastructures. Products provided by Manage.Com make it easy to create, access, and distribute visualization applications that provide new insight for business professionals-in real time. Manage.Com Corporation's headquarters is located at 2345 North First Street, Suite 100, San Jose, CA, 95131. For more information, visit http://www.Manage.Com or call (408) 944-1500.