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CocoBase Keeps Engineering Resources Focused on Building Applications...Not on Building and Maintaining Or Supporting
an O/R Layer!

CocoBase Makes You Money!
For Every Dollar Spent On CocoBase You Get Up To $3 In Savings - Better Than FREE !
(includes enterprise support, services, commercial grade software, etc.)




Pricing Information:

Please contact sales directly for a comprehensive sales analysis for your company or organization. The analysis reviews your technical needs, what improvements the CocoBase Persistence System can provide from saving time and money to making possible new application processes that are a competitive advantage and can increase sales.

Please contact Sales by phone: (415) 836-9199
and email:

CocoBase is available for purchase in two common approaches;

1) Corporate / Organization Solution with Use Licenses and Services.,

2) OEM Pricing.

Other pricing approaches may be available.


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